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Kim Pong is the Founder and Managing Director of Invisible.  He is a husband, a father of 2 boys and 2 girls, an entrepreneur, an accidental pastor, a lover of slayer espressos and a passionate strengths advocate.

“Embrace your unique design and go impact the world.”  Kim Pong absolutely loves getting people to realize that the very best of who they are is the source of the very best that they can be.

He wants to play a key role as an Advocate for the Strengths Movement in Asia.  He believes that by focusing on our unique strengths, it creates conversations of real, tenable energies and possibilities that when acted upon, can change lives throughout Asia.  He is passionate about transforming being into doing, potential to performance and person to purpose.

As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Kim Pong is a Speaker, Trainer and Coach for individuals, teams and organizations on strengths-based thinking, perfomance and living.

He is also the Halftime Certified Master Coach in Asia.  Halftime is a global organization that serves high capacity individuals in moving from success to significance.  Kim Pong’s role for Halftime is as a Speaker, Facilitator and Coach for Asia in Halftime Summits, Vision Castings, Roundtables and Coaching.

He is an alumni of the University of Michigan and is a certified Birkman Method Consultant.

Chee Meng

Connectedness, Responsibility,
Maximizer, Relator, Deliberative


Carolyn small

Carolyn Chan

Strategic, Maximizer,
Connectedness, Futuristic, Relator


Caris Soon

Learner, Achiever,
Ideation, Maximizer, Arranger

Dina Ayub

Harmony, Consistency,
Discipline, Restorative, Intellection

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Dina Heng

Ideation, Arranger,
Positivity, Adaptability, Includer

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