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The Invisible Company is a company of friends in Singapore and the Region who has the unique privilege of flourishing the strengths and passions of each other through the Clients we serve.  We believe that the very best of who we are, is the source of the very best of what we can do.  That if we take the time to help each other discover the being in us, we can transform that to excellent doing for ourselves and for our Clients.

We are based in Singapore and were founded in 2004 by Kim Pong.  We want to establish a business platform for excellent work, and at the same time, provides margins for excellent good.  We want to build a profitable company with a bottom line that is about satisfied Clients,  an energized and passionate people and a willingness in all of us to make a positive difference in the lives of the people we meet .

As part of the global movement started by the Gallup StrengthsFinder, we embrace the unique talents of each individual and want to play a significant role in helping release the potential of excellence in people’s lives.


Meet the Team

Kim Pong

Futuristic, Ideation,
Belief, Adaptability, Competition

Chee Meng

Connectedness, Responsibility,
Maximizer, Relator, Deliberative


Carolyn small

Carolyn Chan

Strategic, Maximizer,
Connectedness, Futuristic, Relator


Caris Soon

Learner, Achiever,
Ideation, Maximizer, Arranger

small dina h

Dina Heng

Ideation, Arranger,
Positivity, Adaptability, Includer

Dina Ayub

Harmony, Consistency,
Discipline, Restorative, Intellection

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